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"HUGE kudos to Norio De Sousa... a top level programmer who knows InfusionSoft inside out. He got this integration cooked up for us in just a few days. If you ever need some ninja custom coding done, I can totally recommend him: professional, dedicated and all around great guy!"

-Mike Filsaime · WebinaJarm · San Diego, CA, United States

"Norio is a ninja, I can vouch for that."

-Andre Chaperon · Autoresponder Madness · Gibraltar

"I'm compelled to give another huge shoutout to coding juggernaut, Norio De Sousa. Because of his genius, I now easily know if members and prospects download certain files, play certain videos (and what percentage of each video they watched). And of course, it's all seamlessly integrated with ActiveCampaign, allowing me to do all sorts of profitable shenanigans based on what they do or don't do, etc..."

-Jason Henderson · Email Response Warrior · Round Rock, TX, United States

"Norio has been called the "Tech Assassin" by a number of people because he's sharp and he's QUICK. He's quickly become the secret weapon of a number of high-level marketers when they can't get their softwares to talk to each other, "play nice", or do what the damned things OUGHT to do, based on their marketing claims. Most importantly, he's up front about whether he can do the job, and what it's going to do to get it "serviceable" vs. getting it done right."

-Robert Michon · Saint Charles, MI, United States

"Norio gets marketing. With minimal explanation he understands what I'm trying to accomplish and why. He often has even better solutions to the problem and is not trying to create work for himself when a solution off-the-shelf can be used."

-Darren Crawford · Kinobody · Melbourne Beach, FL, United States

"I just partnered with Norio De Sousa on building out a custom survey and he rocked it! I couldn't be more impressed with his work and communication throughout the process. If you are looking for any help with your survey funnel, you need to hire him!"

-Daniel Jetton · Nashville, TN, United States

"Norio De Sousa strikes again. I had a question about custom coding a quiz and Norio showed me a shortcut that probably saved me $5k+ in development costs... Norio is the man!"

-Robert Coorey · Sydney, Australia

"Thanks to the master Norio De Sousa we launched our first survey funnel last week - and started running Facebook traffic to it the last few days - we are pretty happy so far!"

-Kim Barrett · Perth, WA, Australia