About Norio - The Tech Assassin

Norio... He's not the boogeyman
in your business;

he's the guy you send to kill  the @&%*! boogeyman in your business!"

Big Jason Henderson (Las Vegas, NV)
Email Marketing Juggernaut 18+ Years                 

Hi, My name is Norio and I am a programmer who got tired of other programmers messing up your dreams. So I became an "Assassin For Hire" to save your day, clean up the mess others made, and get it working so you can get paid.

...but this requires more pay per hour than the first people who screwed up.

I don't apologise for my high level skill. I come in and kill it, and move on.

I'm like the Jack Reacher of programming... I fix the wrongs, make it right, and then am off to my next fight.

I'm particular who I work with, but check out the testimonials on this page to see the results I get for those who accept my unique working style.

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If you've been disappointed by other coders who just don't "get" marketing or who just plain suck,
maybe it's time you call in The Tech Assassin?