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Can You Learn Something Valuable from these Top Marketers?

Andre Chaperon (creator of the “Soap Opera Sequence” course, “Autoresponder Madness” & internet marketing course, “Tiny Little Businesses”), one of my personal marketing “heroes”, says:

“Norio is a ninja, I can vouch for that.”

Jason Henderson (email marketing juggernaut for the last 18+ years and creator of the “Email Response Warrior” course) said in an email referring one of his clients to me:

“He’s the best programmer I’ve ever worked with and use him currently.”

Hector Yague (project admin of WebinarJam) replied to a post on Facebook, talking about my involvement in the integration between InfusionSoft and WebinarJam:

“I worked with Norio De Sousa through this integration process. I can totally recommend his custom programming services. This guy knows his craft :)”

Robert Michon (Director of ELITE Coaching for Ryan Levesque – author of the book “Ask”) said about me in a referral:

“He’s helped a number of people in our group. He’s direct, to the point, no BS. And he’s fast. I continue to introduce him to people for one reason: He delivers. I don’t endorse lightly, and he gets highest recommendation.”

Yeah so I’m name-dropping. The point is, these people get results because they work with the best.

To join the leagues of awesome A-list marketers who get results because they work with the best, contact me to “take out a hit” with the “Tech Assassin”.

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