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How Franck Made An Easy $720 From 8 Emails

Franck is a happy customer.

Because in January he hired me to build him a complicated web app.

And, after hitting a few hurdles, I knocked it out the park. (Naturally.)

So a week or 2 back, Franck contacts me again. He has a friend who also needs a web app. Can I help?

After sending a few emails back and forth — asking questions, getting answers — I sent Franck and his buddy a quote and time estimate.

4 weeks – $7,200.

They were happy with that so the first invoice went out and was paid.

And Franck woke up to a nice little “commission” sitting in his PayPal account.

Every time I get paid, he gets paid.

He earned himself a cool $720 just for sending a coupla emails. And he’ll make more with each new project I do for his friend.

Pretty nifty, right? You can do it too.

Just email your buddies, colleagues and clients. Tell them you have a team of “Tech Assassins” who can build their web apps, fix their plugins, integrate their APIs and make their business systems run better.

You’ll earn an easy 10% every time they pay me. Every time. Yes even 10 years down the line.

Sound good? Great. Make the intro today.

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I'm a programmer who got tired of other programmers messing up your dreams. So I became an "Assassin For Hire" to save your day, clean up the mess others made, and get it working so you can get paid.