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How My Starving Cat Is Just Like Your Business

Panda meowed loudly at me. He’s our gorgeous, fluffy, black & white kitty.

And he was hungry. If his loud meows were anything to go by, he was REALLY hungry.

But he missed breakfast. That’s what he does. When it’s feeding time, he comes to his bowl, eats a tiny bit and then walks off.

Later, when we’re all relaxed and comfy watching TV after dinner or working after breakfast, he walks around the house, practically screaming for food. Thing is, if we put any down, he just repeats the exercise.

It’s our fault really. We kinda trained him that we’ll feed him whenever he meows at us. We decided to “untrain” him.

So there he was, meowing loudly at me to feed him. Demanding my obedience. How dare I defy his worship, Panda kitty.

“Fee Fi Fo Fum, you should’ve eaten earlier, you naughty bum”, I said as I walked off.

And that’s kinda what it’s like when you put off getting tech problems fixed. Your problems might be small now but they’ll grow and later you’ll be a lot “hungrier” to fix them as they wreak more havoc in your business and then, when you need the tech help in a hurry, it’s not there. It’s busy doing something else.

By the time you contact me, I could be touring the world, launching a new product or just taking time off. If you know you need genius tech help, then you’d better get your fill now, before it’s all gone.

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