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How To Free Up An Extra 1-2 Hours In Each Day

When I first started sending daily emails, I’d write the email, then write a subject and then take that subject line into Photoshop and make a “Blog Title” picture to post to my blog.

Designing those images was kinda fun at first. An interesting challenge. But it looked kinda shitty.

And one day I noticed it sometimes took me 1 or even 2 hours to make that damn blog title. And I started hating it. It’s just not a strength of mine.

And just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

So I wandered over to Fiverr and started looking for designers for my blog titles. At first I came up short but I tweaked my search to look for people with experience designing ads and WHAMMO! Found someone awesome.

Since then, every morning, I just write my email, write my subject, and then hand over to this lady on Fiverr to do the design bit. So a daily email goes from taking 30-120 minutes a day to only taking 30 minutes a day.

Plus my site looks more professional, now.

Next step is to outsource the blogging. Honestly adding each email to my blog only takes 5-15 minutes but that adds up.

My point is that there are things you do really great in your business and things you can do but you kinda suck at. You should always outsource the stuff you suck at.

Like tech. If setting up tech in your business is something that takes you 4 hours instead of the 20 minutes it’ll take a pro, you should pass that stuff on. Give yourself time to focus on the stuff you’re good at so you can get EVEN better at it.

PS: Want my personal short list of Fiverr gigs you should be using to save YOURSELF 1-2 hours a day? Click here.


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