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How To Get Boring Stuff Done & LIKE It!

We all have stuff we have to do that we hate to do. I love writing but I don’t love writing about boring tech topics. So when I add a task to my “To do” list that says, “write a tech post” then it sits there for days — not getting done.

But eventually, something comes along that reminds me of something I love to do that ties in perfectly with the stuff I hate.

I love writing about my life experiences. And I love telling stories.

They are both things I probably suck at but I love them all the same.

So when I change my “To do” task to read, “Write a story”… well then that’s entirely different. Now I get to do something I love to do and still tick off an item off my daily task list.

Sometimes it’s as easy as re-wording things. Other times you have to change the way you’re going to do the task. But, either way, you still get shit done.

Let’s say you’ve been putting off a task like this: “Write spec for web app”

Would it be easier to do if you re-wrote it like this? — “Email Norio 1 question about web app”

Well now it sounds like less work. Plus, once you start the conversation, it’ll be waaay easier to continue from there.

Another way to change that one would be to change it to: “Send Norio a Voxer message about new web app.”

Voxer is a great messaging app that lets you talk instead of type your message. Super useful and talking is always easier than typing.

The trick to making this work is to re-word the task into something that can easily (and effortlessly) snowball until you’ve completed the entire task — like my “story writing” example. Once I started writing the story, it was easy and natural segue into tech. Do it like that.

And if you are putting off writing a spec, just Voxer me here:

It’ll take you a minute and you’ll be so much closer to launching your new web app or plugin!

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