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How to Make a Strong Productivity Comeback

If you’ve read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, then you know that you need to be working on your strengths, NOT your weaknesses. Because if you work on your weaknesses, you’ll improve a smidge. But if you work on your strengths, you could easily multiply your results 2x – 10x.

Tim’s not the first person to suggest that way of working. It’s an old idea. But we quickly forget it.

Recently, I found myself a “victim” of trying to work outside my natural skills. You see, I’m a programmer and I’m great at solving problems with code.

But sometimes I get asked to do things in a non-programmer way. And sometimes I oblige. Because I’m an idiot, I guess.

So I go ahead and bang my head against the wall, trying to fix things using tools I don’t have and, of course, I get nowhere.

But as soon as I remember that I can just do the opposite of what I’m told and program a way around the problem, BOOM! Problem solved. The genius is back in town. Client is happy, I’m happy. Everybody makes more money.

Ignoring your superpower would be kinda like Bryan in “Taken” ignoring his “specific set of skills”. If he tried to negotiate with the people who kidnapped his daughter instead of finding them and beating the crap out of them, his daughter would have died. Crap movie, right?

So you see, it’s just dumb for you to ignore your superpowers. You’re wasting time you could be using to make way more money! Stay in your superpower.

If you find yourself bashing your head against a wall with tech problems and you need to make a strong comeback… just remember you know a Tech Assassin with a very specific set of skills 😉

Drop me an email and I’ll make your tech problems go away while you focus on things you’re brilliant at. (And laugh all the way to the bank!)

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