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How WebinarJam Cured their InfusionSoft Pain This Year

WebinarJam is powerful webinar hosting software used by Internet Marketing Legends like…

  • Jeff Walker
  • Frank Kern
  • Andy Jenkins (co-founder)
  • Mike Filsaime (co-founder)
  • Russell Brunson
  • Eben Pagan
  • Rich Schefren
  • Ed Dale
  • etc

But they had an InfusionSoft problem…

They wanted to fix it so that when someone registered for a client’s webinar, they (WebinarJam) could add the contact to InfusionSoft, along with some tags. Same thing when that contact entered the live webinar room, or watched the replay video, etc.

They had a programmer working on the InfusionSoft integration but they were having problems getting it to work. It had been weeks and they had a launch coming up.

Time was running out.

And that’s when they called in the big guns. The Tech Assassin.

Hector Yague (admin of WebinarJam) contacted me asking if I could help. InfusionSoft’s API is a bit of a walk in the park for me so I said, “Sure!”

6.5 hours of coding later and they had everything they needed from me to make it happen.

Check out the testimonial from Mike in the pic below:

Turn on images to see what WebinarJam founder Mike Filsaime said about working with the Tech Assassin

And that’s what it’s like working with me. You could be struggling with other programmers for days, weeks or even months but all it takes is an email to a Tech Assassin and your problem can be solved. Your launch can go ahead smoothly and on-time and you can go back to making money.

Stop struggling with other programmers. Contact me now to get shit done.

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