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3 Ways to Screw Up a Good WordPress Website

Here are 3 ways you might be screwing up your website:

  • Keeping plugins that bring your website to a halt. Even if you have caching for visitors, you can’t cache the admin section so it’s dog-slow and you hate doing anything on your site. And if anyone works on your site for you, it costs you more because it’s slooooow.
  • Keeping your website “mobile unfriendly”. I get it – your site is still doing “just fine” on desktop. Why change anything? I thought like that too but then I took a look at my website stats and I noticed a massive trend towards mobile. I made my website “mobile friendly” and my traffic shot up. Your website can adapt or die. Simple.
  • Treating all your website visitors the same. But they’re not the same. Someone reading an article in the category “Losing Weihgt” is not the same as someone reading an article in the category “Building Muscle”. They have different goals, different needs, different pain-points. Showing them the same stuff means you lose one of them. Or both of them.

You can fix all these problems with the plugins and themes from Thrive.

  • Your theme will be instantly “mobile friendly” out the box.
  • You’ll be able to replace a bunch of your plugins because those features are included “standard”.
  • With “Clever Widgets”, you can show specific widgets to visitors, based on the page or category they’re on. (And more)

But honestly, my favourite reasons for using Thrive are:

  • Their content-builder is so easy-to-use and so cheap it kicks LeadPages in the pants.
  • Their leads plugin is a 1-stop shop for growing your list and even includes A/B testing.
  • Their themes are just so darn pretty and easy to customise that they work for almost any website.

I spit on OptimizePress. It’s bloated, slow junk that’s a pain-in-the ass to use.

Maybe you should spit on OP too.

Switch to Thrive:

PS: Seriously, I f#cking hate OptimizePress. MemberMouse too. If you ask real nice, I’ll tell you why.

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