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3 WordPress Headaches Advil Won’t Cure

By Norio De Sousa

Here Are 3 WordPress Headaches Advil Won’t Cure… You moved your website to a new domain and now you’re losing all your traffic and rankings because Google (and your website visitors) can’t find what they’re looking for. Ouch. Your website is almost impossible to use on mobile so you’re losing leads and sales every day. […]


Can You Save Money If You P.O.O.P On WordPress?

By Norio De Sousa

Hey, I’m not being gross and you can absolutely save money if you P.O.O.P on WordPress. As long as you remember what P.O.O.P stands for… Prefer Once-Off Plugins You see, if you prefer once-off plugins on WordPress, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. I know a bunch of internet marketers spending $100-$400 a month on […]


How to Steal Your Competition’s WordPress Themes and Plugins

By Norio De Sousa

Have you ever seen something cool on a website and wondered, “How did they do that?” Well here’s a really quick & easy way to “steal” from your competition’s website. View the source of a page on their site. Search through the source (Ctrl-F or Cmd-F) for “wp-”. Look through all the results for things […]


How is a Naked Woman Like a WordPress Plugin?

By Norio De Sousa

This morning I was pacing between my kitchen and my lounge, waiting for my coffee to brew. It takes 5 minutes and I like to think about my day ahead in this time. So there I was, pacing, sipping my sparkling water (to wake up my body) waiting for my coffee to brew when, just […]


5 Amazing Plugins That Will Save You Time

By Norio De Sousa

These plugins make life easier. There are other critical plugins for SEO and performance that I’ve left off this list because they’re boring. That doesn’t mean you don’t need them. Just that I don’t care to write about them today 😉 Thrive Visual Editor. Even a “design idiot” like me can make pretty landing pages […]


Is Internet Marketing Killing Your Savings?

By Norio De Sousa

Internet marketing can be damn pricey. Landing Pages Software: $97 a month Popups Plugin: $97 a year Shopping Cart: $199 – $599 a month Website Theme: $64 – $128 a year Total: $3,713 – $8,513 a year (And that’s just scratching the surface. We’re not even talking about emailing costs or anything else.) You’d be […]


How to Test Your Next Big “Breakthrough” in a Snap

By Norio De Sousa

I stumbled over this little gem by accident… I used the Thrive Themes suite of tools to build a little lead-generation page for a plugin I made. The page wasn’t even hooked up to an autoresponder or anything. I only published it so I could get feedback on the copy and the look of the […]


How to Build a Solid Profit-Boosting Membership Website

By Norio De Sousa

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know that I hate MemberMouse. And that I have at least 7 damn-good reasons to hate it, too. Which is all fine and dandy but what should you use instead? Is FuzedApp is the answer to “fix” MemberMouse? No! I wish it was but the problem […]


7 Reasons Why MemberMouse Sucks!

By Norio De Sousa

In my last post, about “3 Ways to Screw Up a Good WordPress Website” I promised to tell you why I hate MemberMouse, if you ask nicely. Well you can thank Ian in Australia for today’s email who wrote me: Why? (nicely) Yay Ian 😉 Let’s go… MemberMouse Sucks Because It Hates Free Trials and […]

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