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Hack: Tracking Your Ads for Free the Right Way

Best way to track which of your paid campaigns is making you the most money?

Google Analytics plus UTM tags all the way! Here’s how…

  • Set up Google Analytics.
  • Enable e-Commerce tracking in the settings.
  • Set up Google Analytics e-Commerce tracking in your shopping cart. This will give you detailed reporting about what sources, pages, etc are making you money.
  • Set up a Facebook Ad.
  • Add in UTM tags. (see below for examples)

Here’s an example for an ad on Facebook where the ad has a picture of a lady in a red shirt and is promoting a blog-post series you might internally call “Weight Loss Series Xmas” and is targeting the FB interest “Health & Weight Loss”

utm_source = Facebook
utm_medium = CPC
utm_campaign = Weight Loss Series 12-25
utm_content = FB Red Shirt Ad
utm_term = Health & Weight Loss

And here’s an example for a Solo Ad where the email is an article about “Food as Medicine” and is being sent to “John’s List” and is promoting the same blog post series as above, but is only being sent to the subscribers who are Women, 30-35, living in Texas.

utm_source = Johns List
utm_medium = Solo
utm_campaign = Weight Loss Series 12-25
utm_content = Food as Medicine
utm_term = W 30-35 TX

Do this with each URL in each ad but change the “utm_content” to reflect your ad-image or ad-copy and change “utm_term” to reflect the keyword, interest or demographic you’re targeting.

(This becomes easy and second nature, I promise.)

Then… after you’ve gotten some traffic, you go into Google Analytics and you filter your reports by:

  • “Ad Content” (Which is the same as utm_content)
  • “Keyword” (Which is the same as utm_term) …etc.

->>> Why do it like this?

  • It’s free.
  • It’s frigging fast.
  • It’s easier than a lot of tracking options out there.
  • The reporting in Google Analytics is detailed as heck.
  • It works with everything, every network, every link, every broadcast email you send, every autoresponder, frigging everything.
  • You can even switch from Google Analytics to Clicky and it’ll still work.

(I love tracking but I found CPV Lab, ClickMagick, etc to be a pain in the butt.)

And if you want someone to handle this for you? Contact me now.

PS: I just make these URLs in a text editor but I can post the URL to a pretty nifty online form (that’s free) where you can just copy & paste in your URL and campaign info and it spits out a URL you can add to your campaigns, emails, blog, etc. Contact me if you want that.

PPS: This also works for tracking which paid campaigns make you the most AdSense money. Pretty nifty.

PPPS: It actually works for everything. Insanely powerful. How much money are you leaving on the table?

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