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How To Earn Major Brownie Points (And More Money)

Small, simple things make big differences if you time them right. What do I mean?

1 – When I was a little boy and I was super-duper sick, my mom went out and got me an el cheapo green plastic dump truck toy.

Thinking back, it must’ve cost her almost nothing. But because she gave it to me when I was sick, I guess I was 10x more “receptive” to receiving it. I “needed it” more and it became my favourite toy ever.

To this day, I think of that dump truck. No idea what happened to it and I wish it was still around.

2 – My wife was recently sick.

While I was out shopping for ingredients to make her soup (“Soup Assassin” – ha!), I saw a cute little teddy bear at the shop. Seriously cheap thing but it was cute and soft and I remembered my dump truck.

So I got it for her and she immediately fell in love with it when I gave it to her. She named it “Doctor” coz it was there to help her feel better.

She’s better now and still sleeps with that bear near her. Loves it.

Same cheap toy on another day? Still sweet but wouldn’t have meant as much.

And it’s exactly like that with your website. You can use people’s names at the right time or show them something different if they’ve been on your site once, twice or three times before.

Or keep track of what they’ve clicked and use that to recommend very specific articles to them.

The possibilities are endless. And the effect can be profound. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Don’t know how to do that stuff? You know what to do. Contact me and let’s make it happen.


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