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How to Explode Your List with the Right Kind of Lead Magnet

The best lead magnets are short, actionable, goal-oriented & easy to use.

People are busy. They need something they can do immediately and make some progress to their goal. Even if it’s just 1% – that’s better than nothing.

And if you give your prospects the “right” kind of lead magnet that they can use immediately and make some progress, then you’ve entered their mind as a trusted advisor or expert.

(Give them something useless and they’ll be pissed at you for wasting their time.)

Which is why (most) eBooks suck as lead magnets. I’m not talking about short 2-3 page reports or checklists. I’m talking about eBooks. Anything that’ll take longer than 5 minutes to read.

Remember, people are busy. So they’ll take one look at your essay and close it.

Prospect lost. Maybe forever.

I’m a bit biased but I think the RIGHT kind of PLUGIN is a 10x better lead magnet!

Here’s why…

They’re “Short”: There’s usually nothing to read. You can just install them and carry on with your day.

They’re “Actionable”: The only thing you can do is take action. There’s (usually) no theory here. Just install it and you’re done.

They’re Goal-Oriented: A good plugin gets one thing done. Maybe it adds tracking to your website or maybe it turns keywords into affiliate links. But either way, it moves you towards a goal.

They’re Easy: Just install it and the plugin does the rest. No new skills to learn, nothing else to do.

Of course, the wrong plugin could screw this up any number of ways…

Make it too hard to configure and you’ve failed. Make your lead read a manual before being able to use it and you’ve failed. Make it do 10x different things and you’ve failed.

But if you follow the guide above? You’ll have an amazing lead magnet that will serve you well for years.

If you want a plugin like that to explode your leads, send me an email. It’s what I do.


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