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How To Make a Delicious Cup of Web App

A few weeks back I bought 2 different bags of coffee beans. Plus I already had a third bag of coffee beans in the house. So in total there were 3 different kinds of coffee in my house.


Because I was looking for a specific flavour. Something sweet and fruity and light. And I was looking for that because I was recently in Cape Town on holiday and had the most amazing pour-over coffee at a place called Rosetta. It was just the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

So back home, I tried to recreate what I tasted in Cape Town.

I bought the right kind of beans (Thirikwa AB, wet process, single origin, light roast).

Used the right kind of method (pour-over using a ceramic single-cup dripper from Hario).

Followed the instructions to a “T” and can you guess what happened?

Not much.

My coffee tasted better than usual but no where near as good as what I had in Rosetta that afternoon.

And now it’s been 3 or so weeks of daily practise and I’m still nowhere near that flavour.

Look — I drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day and I practise my pour-over very carefully. That’s 63-105 cups to practise on. Still no luck.

But I’ll bet that if I got that barista to visit my house and make me a cup of coffee using my equipment and my beans, I’d get a damn great cup of coffee. Maybe not perfect — because the water and equipment won’t be the same — but I’ll bet it’ll put my coffee to shame.

And that’s because he’s a pro and he doesn’t “practise” just 3-5 times a day but probably 20 or more times a day. And not just for the last few weeks but for the last few YEARS.

And that’s like building a web app. You can get some chump in to make you a web app but if he doesn’t specialise in building web apps, you’re wasting your time AND your money.

Whereas I’ve been building web apps since friggin’ 2002. My first job ever was to build an accounting package that runs on the web. My second friggin’ job ever, a mere year later, was as a senior developer on a proprietary CMS. (Yes like WordPress.)

14 years of experience building web apps is pretty serious.

So you can have the best web app “pour-over” you’ve ever had or some shitty brew a chump slapped together quickly after 3 weeks of practise. You decide.

Contact me here if you want the best damn cup of web app you’ve ever had.

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