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3 Kinds of Apps You Can Profit From In 60 Days

By Norio De Sousa

The biggest mistake I see my clients making is choosing the wrong kind of app to build. See—I’m a big fan of getting new apps to market FAST because validating new apps quickly lets you profit or pivot sooner. So if you have an idea for an app but you’re not sure how to build […]


How To Save Your Web App From A Hulk Smash

By Norio De Sousa

You pick up your phone. The screen turns on. You’ve got 10% battery left. Your thumb swipes down the fingerprint reader. The phone unlocks. And then reboots. WTF? Your face turns red. Your grip tightens around your phone. You turn the side of your body to the nearest wall and friggin’ launch the piece of […]


How To Make a Delicious Cup of Web App

By Norio De Sousa

A few weeks back I bought 2 different bags of coffee beans. Plus I already had a third bag of coffee beans in the house. So in total there were 3 different kinds of coffee in my house. Why? Because I was looking for a specific flavour. Something sweet and fruity and light. And I […]


Quick question

By Norio De Sousa

Would you mind doing me a very quick favor? If you’re an internet marketer trying to break into the SaaS (paid web app) market would you mind taking 30 seconds to tell me: What’s your biggest frustration right now? Just contact me here and I’ll receive your answer direct to my inbox. Thanks!


A Better Way to Profit From WordPress Plugins

By Norio De Sousa

Franck contacted me about a new product he wanted developed. But he wasn’t sure if he should have it done as a plugin or as SaaS (Software as a Service). (If you don’t know – SaaS is a web app that you “sell” access to each month. Any tools you use online that you pay […]