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4 Ways Zapier Can Cripple Your Funnel

Zapier is pretty good if your funnel is pretty “basic” and uses the same apps and services everyone else uses. It’s solid and it’ll keep ticking along.

But if you have an advanced or “unique” funnel?…

Then there are at least 4 ways that Zapier could destroy your funnel (and your profits)…

1. Every time your “zap” runs, you lose a “task”. Don’t have enough “tasks” for a sudden rush of traffic to your funnel? Bye bye profits.

2. Zapier only supports some apps and services. If Zapier doesn’t support something you use… tough luck. Your business stalls.

3. You’re limited to the features that Zapier decides to support. Let me explain…

Let’s say Zapier supports InfusionSoft but they don’t support the specific trigger called “task notifications”. And let’s say you want to let people in your funnel fill out a form to get one of your sales people to call them back.

In this scenario, you can’t automatically send a text-message to your sales people when there’s a task notification in InfusionSoft. Which means they don’t follow up on time. Which means you lose profits.

4. Zapier won’t just build something because you asked for it. They want to build stuff that *everyone* wants. So you could ask for a feature and your business (and your profits) will have to wait weeks, months or years before you can use that specific feature. And it might never get built at all.

If you have an advanced funnel, you should be using custom-built automations made for your EXACT funnel. Don’t compromise.

And if that sounds like you, then book a call with me and let’s talk about your funnel. No strings, no cost. And if you’re a good fit, I’ll let you know you can work with me.

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