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3 Kinds of Apps You Can Profit From In 60 Days

The biggest mistake I see my clients making is choosing the wrong kind of app to build. See—I’m a big fan of getting new apps to market FAST because validating new apps quickly lets you profit or pivot sooner.

So if you have an idea for an app but you’re not sure how to build it and get it to market FAST, then here are 3 types of apps that’ll let you do exactly that.

1. A “normal” web app.

This is your typical app that you fire up in your browser. There’s a lot you can do with these babies but the key benefits are…

  • There’s nothing to install. Once someone has bought, just send them a login and they’re good to go.
  • All the heavy lifting is done on your server which means your clients’ computers don’t need to be fast or anything.
  • Upgrades happen automatically. No begging people to upgrade for their own security. If you upgrade the app, everyone gets the new version instantly.
  • All your code is safe and sound on your servers which means it can’t be “jail breaked” like a normal app can.

The next 2 types of apps actually have all the same benefits as a “normal web app” but they have a few extra benefits as well…

2. A “mobile” web app.

This works just like a “normal” web app except it “looks” more like a phone app.

The major benefits to doing it this way are:

  • Your app runs on Android *and* Apple without paying to write code for 2 different platforms
  • These apps are way faster to build than “normal” phone apps and work across a wider array of devices.

In both cases, that means you can validate your idea faster and cheaper than you could with a “normal” phone app.

3. A Plugin as a Service (PaaS instead of SaaS)

So this is a plugin that you’d install on WordPress but that depends on a server somewhere to do the heavy lifting.

The TinyPNG plugin works like this. Every time you upload an image, your WordPress website sends the image to TinyPNG.com which squishes it. Once it’s squished, your website gets the image back again and saves a local copy.

Another example is a plugin called “Scribe” that also works like this. Every article you publish gets run through their server to check for SEO opportunities and then you get that info back—right in WordPress— so you can use it immediately and at the right time.

The benefit of this kind of app are:

  • It’s easy to install and use and has a huge marketplace (like any other WordPress plugin) but it also…
  • Stops people from stealing your code and it…
  • Stops folks from using your idea without paying for it.

And the reason why this is more secure is because the “important” code lives on your server where sneaky thieves (on a trial, for example) can’t touch it.

And that means that you get an extra “lead” ahead of your competition. They’ll have to start from scratch, replicating your plugin, while you dig your moat deeper by adding new features and fixing more bugs. By the time they catch up with your original app, you’re way ahead of them in other ways.

So… how do you launch one of these in 60-90 days?

Talk to me. We’ll get on a strategy call to see what it’ll take to launch your idea in just 60-90 days.

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