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7 Reasons Why MemberMouse Sucks!

In my last post, about “3 Ways to Screw Up a Good WordPress Website” I promised to tell you why I hate MemberMouse, if you ask nicely.

Well you can thank Ian in Australia for today’s email who wrote me:

Why? (nicely)

Yay Ian 😉

Let’s go…

MemberMouse Sucks Because It Hates Free Trials and Efficiency…

Sally is building out a funnel in the weight loss niche. She uses MemberMouse, InfusionSoft, Stripe, and a bunch of other toys.

And out of all the stuff she uses, MemberMouse causes her the most grief.

You see, every time we try to make MemberMouse do something cool or fancy that can help grow Sally’s business, MemberMouse says, “F#ck you buddy. I don’t wanna.”

Let’s say you have a “Gold Level” with a 7 day free trial. And you have an upsell where your buyers can upgrade to your “Platinum Level” which also has a 7 day free trial. And then you have a downsell where those “Gold” subscribers can pay annually instead of monthly and save 20%.

But you have a 7-day trial on everything so they don’t get charged until they’ve “tried you out.”

Here’s how that will go wrong…

  • Want to add a tag in InfusionSoft when someone buys a product that has a free trial? Nope. You can’t. The only way you can add that tag is if they pay for something. If there’s no charge on their card, MemberMouse just doesn’t tell you about it.
  • Want to tag a contact in InfusionSoft when someone stays on the same level but upgrades from paying monthly to paying annually? Nope. You can’t. Because MemberMouse never notifies you of product purchases…

Here are a few more reasons MemberMouse sucks…

  • Wanna delete a subscriber? There’s no 1-click (or 2-click) button. You first have to cancel each of their subscriptions, one by one, and wait for the page to reload each time, then go back to the member profile and delete the actual subscriber. Pain in the ass when you’re testing a funnel 100x a day.
  • Changed your mind about what Membership Levels get activated when a client buys a product? If anyone has bought that product, tough. Your shit outta luck. You have to create a whole new Membership Level along with a whole new Product to match it up with. And then you get to “have fun” going and changing 20 “add to cart” links in all your funnels and emails.
  • Got more than 10 products and wanna see them all every time you’re working in the MemberMouse admin area? Too bad. You can change the number of rows MemberMouse shows but it’ll reset as soon as you hit another page.
  • Wanna do some test purchases via Stripe using one of their test card numbers (like 4242 4242 4242 4242)? Okay but then you have to make your whole site go into testing mode and any live orders that come in will fail. Mmm fun.
  • Here’s a fun one. Wanna find anything at all? I bet you it’s not where you expect it. Wanna add custom fields? That’s under “Checkout Settings”. Wanna change the welcome email? There’s no default one, you have to click through to every single membership level and edit it there.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, baby. There is just so much suck in MemberMouse.

To be fair, MemberMouse is awesome if you don’t use free trials and don’t like to work fast. Everything works. You can integrate it really nicely. And it’s pretty damn powerful and advanced.

But if you use free trials or value your time while building funnels? You’re screwed.

Poor Sally.

Good thing she has a “Tech Assassin” on her side to help her fix this stuff. But boy do I have my work cut out for me.

If you’re being screwed by tech that “won’t play nice”, and can stomach $200 an hour for a pro to come in and “save the day”, check this out:

(It’s got testimonials from marketers you might know and a cool spinning contact form. Hot diggidy.)


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