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How to Explode Your Sales (Almost) For Free

A few years back, I started a service for small businesses where they could set up a 1-page website for like $24 a year.

Sales started out slow, so I wanted to add an Affiliate Program so I could reward my clients for selling for me. But I didn’t want to change my payment processor, shopping cart or anything like that.

I needed something that would “just work”.

So I did a bit of research and found something pretty awesome.

Once I installed it, it worked great for years until I eventually closed that business down (because hosting emails for people is a bitch.)

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Is Internet Marketing Killing Your Savings?

Internet marketing can be damn pricey.

  • Landing Pages Software: $97 a month
  • Popups Plugin: $97 a year
  • Shopping Cart: $199 – $599 a month
  • Website Theme: $64 – $128 a year

Total: $3,713 – $8,513 a year

(And that’s just scratching the surface. We’re not even talking about emailing costs or anything else.)

You’d be forgiven for feeling guilty at spending all that money. You might be thinking, “Imagine how much I could have saved by now if I wasn’t “wasting” it all on internet marketing.”

And you’re right, it’s a lot of money…

…But I’m here to take some of the pain away.

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How to Test Your Next Big “Breakthrough” in a Snap

I stumbled over this little gem by accident…

I used the Thrive Themes suite of tools to build a little lead-generation page for a plugin I made. The page wasn’t even hooked up to an autoresponder or anything. I only published it so I could get feedback on the copy and the look of the page.

But something interesting happened. People commented (on the page and in the groups where I asked for feedback) saying, “I signed up but didn’t get anything.”

Only 2 people replied but 2 people who speak up can represent 5 or 10 or 15 that don’t. I was feeling a bit stupid for not hooking the page up to an autoresponder. I thought I lost those leads forever.

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How to Build a Solid Profit-Boosting Membership Website

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know that I hate MemberMouse. And that I have at least 7 damn-good reasons to hate it, too.

Which is all fine and dandy but what should you use instead?

Is FuzedApp is the answer to “fix” MemberMouse? No! I wish it was but the problem is that MemberMouse doesn’t provide the necessary “triggers” for a “complete” integration with your other marketing and CRM software.

Nothing can fix MemberMouse except the programmers at MemberMouse.
So here’s what you should use instead…

After doing some more research into this, I would use and recommend…

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7 Reasons Why MemberMouse Sucks!

In my last post, about “3 Ways to Screw Up a Good WordPress Website” I promised to tell you why I hate MemberMouse, if you ask nicely.

Well you can thank Ian in Australia for today’s email who wrote me:

Why? (nicely)

Yay Ian 😉

Let’s go…

MemberMouse Sucks Because It Hates Free Trials and Efficiency…

Sally is building out a funnel in the weight loss niche. She uses MemberMouse, InfusionSoft, Stripe, and a bunch of other toys.

And out of all the stuff she uses, MemberMouse causes her the most grief.

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3 Ways to Screw Up a Good WordPress Website

Here are 3 ways you might be screwing up your website:

  • Keeping plugins that bring your website to a halt. Even if you have caching for visitors, you can’t cache the admin section so it’s dog-slow and you hate doing anything on your site. And if anyone works on your site for you, it costs you more because it’s slooooow.
  • Keeping your website “mobile unfriendly”. I get it – your site is still doing “just fine” on desktop. Why change anything? I thought like that too but then I took a look at my website stats and I noticed a massive trend towards mobile. I made my website “mobile friendly” and my traffic shot up. Your website can adapt or die. Simple.
  • Treating all your website visitors the same. But they’re not the same. Someone reading an article in the category “Losing Weihgt” is not the same as someone reading an article in the category “Building Muscle”. They have different goals, different needs, different pain-points. Showing them the same stuff means you lose one of them. Or both of them.

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