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3 WordPress Headaches Advil Won’t Cure

Here Are 3 WordPress Headaches Advil Won’t Cure…

  1. You moved your website to a new domain and now you’re losing all your traffic and rankings because Google (and your website visitors) can’t find what they’re looking for. Ouch.
  2. Your website is almost impossible to use on mobile so you’re losing leads and sales every day. (Mobile is big. Really, really big.)
  3. Getting hacked because your username is “admin” so now hackers just have to guess your password. (It’s way better if they have to guess your username too.)

These aren’t simple things to fix… Continue reading

How to Explode Your List with the Right Kind of Lead Magnet

The best lead magnets are short, actionable, goal-oriented & easy to use.

People are busy. They need something they can do immediately and make some progress to their goal. Even if it’s just 1% – that’s better than nothing.

And if you give your prospects the “right” kind of lead magnet that they can use immediately and make some progress, then you’ve entered their mind as a trusted advisor or expert.

(Give them something useless and they’ll be pissed at you for wasting their time.)

Which is why (most) eBooks suck as lead magnets. I’m not talking about short 2-3 page reports or checklists. I’m talking about eBooks. Anything that’ll take longer than 5 minutes to read.

Remember, people are busy. So they’ll take one look at your essay and close it.

Prospect lost. Maybe forever.

I’m a bit biased but I think the RIGHT kind of PLUGIN is a 10x better lead magnet!

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How My Starving Cat Is Just Like Your Business

Panda meowed loudly at me. He’s our gorgeous, fluffy, black & white kitty.

And he was hungry. If his loud meows were anything to go by, he was REALLY hungry.

But he missed breakfast. That’s what he does. When it’s feeding time, he comes to his bowl, eats a tiny bit and then walks off.

Later, when we’re all relaxed and comfy watching TV after dinner or working after breakfast, he walks around the house, practically screaming for food. Thing is, if we put any down, he just repeats the exercise.

It’s our fault really. We kinda trained him that we’ll feed him whenever he meows at us. We decided to “untrain” him.

So there he was, meowing loudly at me to feed him. Demanding my obedience. How dare I defy his worship, Panda kitty. Continue reading

3 Of the Best Benefits of SSL

Jeremy from Malaysia posted in my “Tech Tycoons” Facebook Group, asking:

“I have a free SSL certificate that comes with my hosting from Siteground. It’s going to be expired soon as I need to install it by end of this month. My question is, what actually does a SSL certificate do? I read some information online that it is majorly used for e-commerce sites. I don’t have any e-commerce site at the moment. My site is only a normal WordPress blog using Thrive theme. 🙂 So my question is, do I actually need to use a SSL certificate on a normal blog?”

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7 Simple Tips for Hiring The Best PHP Coders

The secret to hiring senior PHP developers on freelancer websites like UpWork, is:

  1. Pay more. It usually means less micro-management needed from you.
  2. Go for coders with at least 1,000 hours under their belt.
  3. Go for coders with a really high ratings average.
  4. Prioritise people who speak fluent English. Interview in Skype or ask for a video.
  5. First hire for something small.
  6. Limit their time to like 2-5 hours per week initially.
  7. (Pay and) ditch them if they haven’t achieved anything in that time and are asking for more time.

If it works out, then increase their responsibilities slowly. Don’t rush. Add 2-5 hours at a time until they’ve proven themselves to be capable of handling more.

That said, there’s no silver bullet. You’ve got to put in the (hiring) work.

And you will invariably come across lemons. I had that situation recently… Continue reading

A Better Way to Profit From WordPress Plugins

Franck contacted me about a new product he wanted developed. But he wasn’t sure if he should have it done as a plugin or as SaaS (Software as a Service).

(If you don’t know – SaaS is a web app that you “sell” access to each month. Any tools you use online that you pay for fit under the “SaaS” category.)

  • If your service can run outside of WordPress, you should probably do it as SaaS instead of a plugin.
  • If your service depends on WordPress, you should probably do it as a plugin instead of SaaS.

There are exceptions to both “rules” but the above makes for pretty good guidelines.

A lot of marketers think that plugins are the way to go but here’s why they’re not:

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How to Permanently Stop Your Website Going Down

Maybe you’re like me and you have a handful of websites that, if they go down, you lose money for every minute they’re down.

And it hurts. Bad. Like slamming your small toe into furniture at 10 miles per hour.

Or a kick in the nuts. Over and over.

But it doesn’t need to hurt so bad. I’ve found a nifty little (free) tool that monitors my websites for me so I can fix them quickly or turn off paid advertising when they’re down (while my web host fixes my site).

It’s called  Uptime Robot and it’s totally free to monitor up to 50 (FIFTY!) websites. They send email notifications when your website is down plus they have a nifty app for your phone that beeps annoyingly if your site goes down.

(I used to hear it all the time coz my sites would go down all the time. But not anymore. Keep reading if you want to cure down time permanently…)

Also, you can set it up to email a private inbox of yours that’s only for website monitoring. That way you can set up your phone notifications to beep however you like.

Honestly, this little website (and phone app) have saved me thousands of dollars and it’s all been for free.

But lately, my websites just haven’t been going down anymore and the reason why is because I switched to reliable “WordPress Optimized” hosting that guards my website against downtime.

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Can You Save Money If You P.O.O.P On WordPress?

Hey, I’m not being gross and you can absolutely save money if you P.O.O.P on WordPress. As long as you remember what P.O.O.P stands for…

Prefer Once-Off Plugins

You see, if you prefer once-off plugins on WordPress, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. I know a bunch of internet marketers spending $100-$400 a month on software that I only spend $200 on per YEAR!

“It’s not how much you make but how much you keep.”

It doesn’t help if you’re making $10k a month if you’re spending $9.5k. It’s just not good business-sense.

But there’s a catch… Continue reading

How To Easily Save $197 a Month on Emails

If you’re sending a lot of emails, it’s probably costing you quite a chunk of change. I’m about to change all that.

A client and friend of mine told me about this self-hosted software called “Sendy“. Self-hosted just means you need your own server but you can set this up on a $5 or $10 DigitalOcean server (more on that in a bit) and it’ll work just great.

What makes Sendy great for sending cheap broadcast emails (while improving deliverability)?

It integrates with Amazon SES which is an email-sending service that is super-cheap but also awesome at delivering email.

And to give you an idea of how cheap it can be…

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